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here are bad times just around the corner

While browsing through a book entitled Humorous Quotations by Ned Sherrin (Oxford University Press) 1995, one of our readers looked up depression in the index out of curiosity and found an excellent ode which he sent to me. I hope you enjoy the humor...

"There are bad times just around the corner"

There are bad times just around the corner,
There are dark clouds traveling through the sky
And it's no good whining
About a silver lining
For we know from experience that they won't roll by,
With a scowl and a frown
We'll keep our peckers down
And prepare for depression and doom and dread,
We're going to unpack our troubles from our old kitbag
And wait until we drop down dead.

Noel Coward, 1953

About Noel Coward

Sir Noel Pierce Coward (1899-1973); English Actor, dramatist and composer of light music, born in Teddington. At the age of 14 he appeared in Peter Pan, and thereafter in other plays, including many of his own. He had a strong satiric humour and a unique gift for witty dialogue. He produced several films and published two autobiographies

Brought to you in jest by Pendulum...

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