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Bipolar Disorder & Manic-Depression

The Medifocus Guide to Bipolar Disorder is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED resource for the person with Bipolar Disorder.
Each guide has current and relevant Bipolar Disorder research organized into categories for easy reading.
Free updates are provided for 1 year.
The Medifocus Guide also provides an international Bipolar Disorder physician finder. A must have!

Agents in My Brain: How I Survived Manic Depression - Bill Hannon, Library Press (Open Court), May 1, 1997 -- Bill Hannon guides you into a world in which crossword puzzles are coded messages from the CIA and a scrap of masking tape on your car windshield means that your conversations are being monitored. His tale is ultimately a success story after he finds a competent doctor and the right medications.

An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness - Kay Redfield Jamison, Random House, 1997 -- In Touched with Fire, Kay Redfield Jamison, a psychiatrist, turned a mirror on the creativity so often associated with mental illness. In this book she turns that mirror on herself. With breathtaking honesty she tells of her own manic depression, the bitter costs of her illness, and its paradoxical benefits: "There is a particular kind of pain, elation, loneliness and terror involved in this kind of madness.... It will never end, for madness carves its own reality." This is one of the best scientific autobiographies ever written, a combination of clarity, truth, and insight into human character. "We are all, as Byron put it, differently organized," Jamison writes. "We each move within the restraints of our temperament and live up only partially to its possibilities." Jamison's ability to live fully within her limitations is an inspiration to her fellow mortals, whatever our particular burdens may be. --Mary Ellen Curtin

An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness - Kay Redfield Jamison, Random House, 1995 -- Kay Redfield Jamison is an international authority on manic-depressive illness, and one of the few women who are full professors of medicine at American Universities - a remarkable personal testimony: the revelation of her own struggle since adolescence with manic depression, and how it shaped her life. With vivid prose and wit, she takes us into the fascinating and dangerous territory of this form of madness - a world in which one pole can be the alluring dark land ruled by what Byron called the "melancholy star of the imagination," and the other a desert of depression and, all too frequently, death. Highly Recommended!

An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness, (Cassettes) - Kay Redfield Jamison, Random House Audio, 1995 -- This is the revelation of Jamison's own struggle since childhood with manic-depression and how it has shaped her life. 2 cassettes.

Bipolar Disorder: A Guide for Patients and Families - Francis Mark Mondimore, M.D. John Hopkins Press, 1999 -- In this book for persons with bipolar disorder and their families, Dr. Frank Mondimore offers a comprehensive, practical, compassionate guide to the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and causes of this potentially devastating psychiatric illness, formerly known as "manic-depression." For each of the various treatment options, Dr. Mondimore discusses advantages, disadvantages, side effects, and other information to help patients make informed decisions.

Bipolar Puzzle Solution: A Mental Health Client's Perspective - Bryan L. Court and Gerald E. Nelson MD, Accelerated Development Publishers -- 187 Answers to Questions Asked by Support Group Members About Living With Manic-depression - A great resource for those with manic-depressive illness! Bipolar Puzzle Solution is a unique book written by a mental health client (with a psychiatrist's commentary). It contains actual questions from members of bipolar disorder support groups and covers the whole person: physical, emotional, and spiritual components of recovery.

A Brotherhood of Tyrants: Manic Depression and Absolute Power - D. Jablow Hershman & Julian Lieb, 1994 -- The authors consider tyranny as the product of bipolar disorder (especially mania) together with ruthlessness, ambition, paranoia, and other charming qualities. The approach is interdisciplinary, combining psychiatry and history. They present biographies of the public and private lives of Napoleon, Hitler, and Stalin.

Call Me Anna; The Autobiography of Patty Duke - Patty Duke (Anna Pearce) (with Kenneth Duran), Bantam Books, 1990 -- Call Me Anna is an American success story that grew out of a bizarre and desperate struggle for survival. A harrowing, ultimately triumphant story told by Patty Duke herself--wife, mother, political activist, President of The Screen Actors Guild, and at last, a happy, fulfilled woman whose miracle is her own life.

Child of Silence - Abigail Padgett , Mysterious Press, 1994 -- Battling manic depression, child abuse investigator Bo Bradley and a deaf American Indian boy flee from deadly killers. (The author has a son who is manic depressive.)

Creative Brainstorms: The Relationship Between Madness and Genius - Russell R. Monroe, M.D.Publisher: Irvington Publishers, Inc. 740 Broadway, NY NY 10003, Irvington, 1992 -- (special order) Robert Lowell and Ernest Hemingway are the main persons the author uses as examples of artists with manic-depression. Others are mentioned: Ezra Pound, Mary Lamb, Virginia Woolf.

Depression : Beyond the Darkness - ABC News, Baker & Taylor Video, 1990 -- Perhaps as many as 20 million Americans each year suffer from depression, while only a third seek treatment for this disease. In this special program, hosted by Hugh Downs, the true nature of this malady is explored.

The Depression Workbook: A Guide for Living with Depression and Manic Depression - Mary Ellen Copeland, Publisher: New Harbinger Publications; 1992 -- A detailed overview of the history, causes and treatment of mood disorders. Offers step-by-step, self-help guidance for taking responsibility for your own wellness; using charts to track and control your moods; find appropriate mental health professionals; build a support system, increase your self-confidence and self-esteem; using relaxation, diet, exercise and full-spectrum light to stabilize your moods; and avoid conditions that can exacerbate you moods swings. "An essential tool to assist people struggling with depression and mania to gain insight to actively enter a lifelong journey of healing and wellness."

The Flight of the Mind : Virginia Woolf's Art and Manic-Depressive Illness - Thomas C. Caramagno , Kay Redfield Jamison , University of California Press, 1996

God Head - , Dalkey Archive Press, 1996 -- God Head is an in-the-skin look at madness in a young man's life, a first-person narrative of manic depression and suicidal drives. The narrator is a young college student, driven to desperation by chemical imbalances, who throws himself in front of a subway, then surviving as a paraplegic.

Hanging Up - Delia Ephron, Ballentine Books, 1996 -- From the bestselling author of How to Eat Like a Child. Eve Mozell spends most of her life on the phone, talking to her hapless younger sister, listening to her superior older sister, trying to comfort their senile, manic-depressive alcoholic father. Somewhere between the hello and good-bye, she finds a way to cope with the people in her lunatic, lacerating--and ultimately loving--life.

Listening To Prozac - Peter D. Kramer, M.D., Penguin, USA (Reprint Edition), 1994 -- A psychiatrist explores some of the implications of anti-depressants, and especially of Prozac's unusual effects on the personality. Kramer also discusses the recent research on depression, as well as several other issues which seem linked to depression.

Listening To Prozac, Cassettes - Peter D. Kramer, M.D., Simon & Schuster Audio, 1994 -- A psychiatrist explores some of the implications of anti-depressants, and especially of Prozac's unusual effects on the personality. Kramer also discusses the recent research on depression, as well as several other issues which seem linked to depression.

Lithium and Manic-Depression, A Guide - John Bohn and James Jefferson; Lithium Information Center, Dean Foundation, June, 1996 -- Essential facts about lithium treatment; question and answer format. The Information Center has a nice variety of booklets.

Living With Depression & Manic Depression : Self-Help Strategies/Cassette - Mary Ellen Copeland, New Harbinger , 1994

Living Without Depression and Manic Depression: A Workbook for Maintaining Mood Stability - Mary Ellen Copeland, New Harbinger , 1994 -- A Workbook for Maintaining Mood Stability - Those affected with depressive and manic depressive disorders can live fairly normal lives with proper treatment: this title provides self-help tips to supplement treatment programs, providing encouragement for self-advocacy and including recommendations for support and self-help therapy. From minimizing negative influences from the past to using peer counseling effectively, this provides a workbook packed with tips.

Lost Puritan: A Life of Robert Lowell - Paul Mariani, W.W. Norton & Co., NY, 1994 -- National Book Award nominee Paul Mariani offers a passionate, highly readable biography of one of America's great poets. Using many of Robert Lowell's unpublished letters as well as interviews with his friends and relatives, Mariani captures the greatness, humor, and heartbreak of this literary giant. Fully covers Lowell's manic depressive episodes and how they affected his life. Also gives a window into treatment of manic depression in the 1950s and 60s.

Manic Depression: Illness or Awakening - Robert E. Kelly, Knowledge Unlimited Publishers, 1995 -- The author was diagnosed as manic-depressive in his early twenties: here he refutes the common medical opinion that mania is an illness, instead presenting a case for mania as a reflection of an 'awakening' psyche. His spiritual, psychological and intellectual studies are reflected in a strong presentation which makes a case for an alternative view of manic tendencies. Midwest Book Review

A Mood Apart: The Thinker's Guide to Emotion and Its Disorders -Peter C. Whybrow, MD -- Brimming with moving case studies of patients grappling with mood disorders, this revolutionary work by one of the country's most distinguished psychiatrists offers a groundbreaking look at depression, mania, and the moods that affect us all.

Moodswing - Ronald Fieve, Bantam Books, 1996 (revised & expanded) -- This expanded edition updates the research and treatments of depression that have emerged in the last fifteen years. Fieve sheds new light on specific mood disorders such as PMS, seasonal depression, and has new chapters on substance abuse. Contains information and anecdotal stories about depressives and manic depressives; by the individual who spearheaded lithium therapy.

My Many Colored Days - Seuss , Lou Fancher , Steve Johnson , Knopf, 1996 -- In such classics as The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham, the text and illustrations by Dr. Seuss have always seemed inseparable--peerless fusions of verbal and visual wit. Yet when the good doctor wrote My Many Colored Days in 1973, he specified that the manuscript should be illustrated by "a great color artist who will not be dominated by me." Now he has gotten his wish. Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher have created a series of rich, painterly images that could never be mistaken for faux-Seuss. They do, however, capture something of the late author's whimsy, which is also on ample display at the Seussville website. - Hardback

On the Edge of Darkness: Conversations about Conquering Depression. - Kathy Cronkite, Doubleday; 1994 -- A reassuring message for the 24 million Americans who suffer from depression each year. Cronkite interviewed dozens of journalists, actors, and politicians who have experienced--and conquered--depression. This work is a major step toward eradicating the stigma attached to depression.

Overcoming Depression - Dimitri F. and Janice Papolos, Harper-Perennial; February 1, 1997 -- A bestselling classic in the field and the definitive book most recommended by doctors is now thoroughly updated and revised. This vital and accessible guide provides state-of-the-art medical information and solid practical advice for the millions who suffer from depression and manic depression and for their families.

The Quiet Room; A Journey Out of the Torment of Madness - Lori Schiller, Amanda Bennett, Warner Books, 1996 -- A first-hand account of schizophrenia, written by Schiller; chapters contributed by members of her family. Schiller has a dual diagnosis with bipolar disorder. To re-create Lori's harrowing story, coauthor Bennett drew on Lori's personal diaries as well as intimate interviews with relatives, friends, and doctors. Highly recommended.

The Quiet Room; A Journey Out of the Torment of Madness (cassette) - Lori Schiller, Amanda Bennett, Warner Books, 1996 -- The electrifying story of a young woman's nightmarish 15-year descent into schizophrenia and her courageous battle to regain her real world. 2 cassettes.

Secrets of Serotonin - Carol Hart , St. Martins, 1996 -- Serotonin--a completely natural hormone manufactured by your own body--can dramatically transform your mood, reduce your appetite, and improve your life. Serotonin has a powerful effect on the brain--in fact, millions of people take Prozac every day to compensate for low serotonin levels without knowing that changes in diet and lifestyle may be all they need. This breakthrough book helps you take charge of your own health and healing.

Sights Unseen - Kaye Gibbons, avon, 1996 -- From the bestselling author of Ellen Foster comes a heartfelt story of a family caught in the grip of a mother's erratic and frightening behavior. To the townspeople of Bend of the River, Maggie Barnes is "that Barnes woman with the problems." Between her mother's suicidal lows and delirious highs, young Hattie struggles to find a place in her hear. The author has manic depression.

Sights Unseen (cassettes) - Kaye Gibbons, Simon & Schuster (Audio) -- From the author of Charms for an Easy Life comes the story of a family caught in the grip of a mother's erratic and frightening behavior. 2 cassettes.

Straight from the Heart - Rob and Rod Jackson-Paris, Warner Books, 1995 -- The story of two gay men who, despite the personal odds, have created a successful partnership and have reached out to others in the area of civil rights. Both men have struggled with mood disorders.

Touched with Fire: Manic-depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament - Kay Redfield Jamison, Free Press: Maxwell Macmillan International, 1993. -- A look at a number of 19th century poets, writers, and composers who were bipolar. Comment by Dr. James D. Watson, Director of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Novel laureate and author of The Double Helix: "An emphatic analysis of the creativity that emerges from a little madness and the horror from too much." Highly recommended.

True North: A Memoir - Jill Ker Conway, Luann Walther (Editor), Vintage Books, 1995 -- A memoir that includes, in part, her learning to cope with her husband's manic-depressive disorder.]

The Voices of Heaven - Frederick Pohl, Tor Books, 1995 -- Science fiction. The main character is a treatment-resistant manic depressive, who needs a continued supply of high-tech medication. He ends up in a colony planet, without a source for his drugs.

We Heard the Angels of Madness: One Family's Struggle with Manic Depression - Diane and Lisa Berger, Quill, 1992 -- Forwarded by Alexander Vuckovic, M.D. Written by a mother who had a son stricken by manic-depression at 19 and the rough road they walked to get him the help he needed.

X Ray - Ray Davies, Penguin USA, 1996 -- This subversively brilliant, one-of-a-kind rock autobiography ingeniously styled as a biography, is written to capture the essence of Ray Davies, lead singer and songwriter of the Kinks and one of the greatest rock and rollers of all time. Part autobiography, part social history, part psychological thriller, this elusive and daring book exposes rock stardom as the heaven, hell and purgatory it is. Davies is openly manic-depressive.

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