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Child of Silence - Abigail Padgett , Mysterious Press, 1994 -- Battling manic depression, child abuse investigator Bo Bradley and a deaf American Indian boy flee from deadly killers. (The author has a son who is manic depressive.)

Goldman's Anatomy - Glenn Savan, Publishing Mills, 1993 -- The bestselling author of White Palace offers the story of an unlikely pair of friends whose on-again, off-again relationship has lasted since high school. A riveting study of the depths of love. 2 cassettes.

Hanging Up - Delia Ephron, Ballentine Books, 1996 -- From the bestselling author of How to Eat Like a Child. Eve Mozell spends most of her life on the phone, talking to her hapless younger sister, listening to her superior older sister, trying to comfort their senile, manic-depressive alcoholic father. Somewhere between the hello and good-bye, she finds a way to cope with the people in her lunatic, lacerating--and ultimately loving--life.

My Many Colored Days - Seuss , Lou Fancher , Steve Johnson , Knopf, 1996 -- In such classics as The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham, the text and illustrations by Dr. Seuss have always seemed inseparable--peerless fusions of verbal and visual wit. Yet when the good doctor wrote My Many Colored Days in 1973, he specified that the manuscript should be illustrated by "a great color artist who will not be dominated by me." Now he has gotten his wish. Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher have created a series of rich, painterly images that could never be mistaken for faux-Seuss. They do, however, capture something of the late author's whimsy, which is also on ample display at the Seussville website.

Sights Unseen - Kaye Gibbons, avon, 1996 -- From the bestselling author of Ellen Foster comes a heartfelt story of a family caught in the grip of a mother's erratic and frightening behavior. To the townspeople of Bend of the River, Maggie Barnes is "that Barnes woman with the problems." Between her mother's suicidal lows and delirious highs, young Hattie struggles to find a place in her heart.

Sights Unseen (cassettes) - Kaye Gibbons, Simon & Schuster (Audio) -- From the author of Charms for an Easy Life comes the story of a family caught in the grip of a mother's erratic and frightening behavior. 2 cassettes.

Turtle Baby - Abigail Padgett, Warner Books, 1996 -- When child abuse investigator Bo Bradley looks into the near fatal poisoning of a Mayan baby named Acito or "Little Turtle," she has no idea that her probing will escalate into one of the most terrifying and morally baffling cases of her career. As the investigation leads her to Tijuana, Bo enters a tawdry world of drugs, deception, and dark secrets.

The Voices of Heaven - Frederick Pohl, Tor Books, 1995 -- Science fiction. The main character is a treatment-resistant manic depressive, who needs a continued supply of high-tech medication. He ends up in a colony planet, without a source for his drugs.

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